Providing dramatic improvements in the handling and analysis of proteins in solution. The product range includes RunBlue & InstantBlue Electrophoresis Products and gels.
NVoy technology can enhance protein stability, solubility, purification, analysis and storage.
Amintra Protein purification resins
Enzymes for protein research - including TEV-Expressand 3C-Express for fusion tag cleavage an BaseMuncher for removal of DNA from lysates / protein preparations.

Expedeon, until recently called Novexin, was founded by two biochemical engineers from University of Cambridge, Dr Daniel Jones and Dr Heikki Lanckriet.

They recognised the severe problems which exist in producing high quality protein products and invented a radical new approach to circumvent the problems.

Expedeon rapidly established itself as a major provider of innovative technologies and products for protein handling and analysis to customers in the life sciences sector worldwide. Its products, involving carbohydrate derivatives, are covered by several patent applications.

Expedeon Product Range

A ready to use protein gel stain, providing rapid, sensitive and safe staining - in a single step. No washing, microwaving or destaining - just put the gel in the stain and leave - results will be visible in less than 15 minutes.
RunBlue SDS-PAGE Precast Gels offer better resolution, longer Shelf Life (2 years), easier loading and easier opening than any other gel available. In addition, they are up to 10x Stronger than other gels for ultimate confidence in handling - stretch one for yourslef and you will be amazed!
Ready to use, will detect total protein in an environment containing up to 1% detergent (0.1% Micro-assay) or containing additives such as chelators and reducing agents.
Advancing the state of the art of Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis. This new range incorporates Running & Blotting Apparatus Pre-Cast gels, Buffers and Markers. Our RunBlue gel cassettes have external measurements of 10 cm X 10 cm making them directly compatible with the most common tank systems.
Based on NVoy technology, our protein Stabil-PAC protection range of kits contain proprietary NV polymers that suppresses aggregation and keeps proteins soluble without affecting protein structure.
Expedeon offers a range of protein refolding kits that provide a simple method for refolding target proteins without the need to screen multiple refolding conditions.
  • Fast Yes/No answer on refolding success
  • Save time and protein by not screening large numbers of refolding conditions
  • Improved yields and achieve higher concentrations of refolded protein.
Protein purification resins that offer premium performance at lower cost.
A new range of enzymes for protein research - including TEV-Express and 3C-Express for fusion tag cleavage an BaseMuncher for removal of DNA from lysates / protein preparations.
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