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Researchers at the University of Westminster conducted an 8 week trial measuring Salivary Cortisol, 68 People were recruited for the study which involved analysing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. A healthy stress response is to have a big burst in the morning called the cortisol awakening response(CAR), and lower levels throughout the day.

The participants were examined after following such leisure pursuits as gardening, yoga and mindfulness meditation

Whilst yoga saw only a slight improvement, gardeners CAR jumped by 20 per cent, while the mindfulness group saw their cortisol awakening response leap by 52 per cent. Those who enjoyed the meditation gained an even bigger boost, with CAR rising to 78 per cent.

Previous studies have shown that mindfulness can decrease self-reported stress levels and make people feel calmer, in 2016 researchers in the USA also showed that mindfulness meditation can also lower inflammatory molecules and stress hormones

Interested in learning more about the CAR? then refer to the University of Westminster Psychophysiology and Stress Research Group (headed by Professor Angela Clow)  and read their published papers on the subject of Stress

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