Jackson ImmunoResearch


Specialising in secondary antibodies and conjugates

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the production and conjugation of affinity-purified secondary antibodies and purified immunoglobulins. Their products are sold primarily to scientists in universities and research institutes throughout the world who are conducting research in the plant, animal, and biomedical sciences.
Affinity-purified antibodies are isolated from antisera by immunoaffinity chromatography using antigens coupled to agarose beads. A proprietary elution process is used to dissociate antibodies from the antigen. Unconjugated affinity-purified antibodies are supplied sterile filtered in phosphate buffer without stabilizers or preservatives. Conjugated affinity-purified antibodies are freeze-dried in phosphate buffer with stabilizers and sodium azide, with the exception of horseradish peroxidase conjugates, which do not contain a preservative.

The product line includes

FabuLight™ – Fab Labeling primary antibodies with fluorophore-conjugated Fab anti-Fc in Solution Without Compromising Activity

DyLight 405-conjugated secondary antibodies are excited maximally at 400 nm and fluoresce with a peak at 421 nm (Figure 1). They are very bright and photostable when used with confocal microscopes equipped with a 405 nm laser and appropriate emission filter.

Alexa Fluor® 680 and Alexa Fluor® 790 conjugates for Far-red and Infrared Detection on Western Blots

Bovine Anti-Goat IgG (H+L)

Cy2, Cy3, and Cy5 Conjugates are brighter in Plastic mounting Media

Secondary Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Anti-IgG, Light Chain Specific for Western Blotting after Immunoprecipitation

Anti-Mouse IgG Subclass Specific Antibodies

PerCP Conjugates for FIow Cytometry

Streptavidin a tetrameric bacterial protein isolated from Streptomyces avidinii, has 4 very strong binding sites for biotin. It is similar to egg-white avidin in its affinity for biotin but is used as a replacement for avidin because of its more favorable chemical properties. Unlike avidin which has a net positive charge at neutral pH and contains about 7% carbohydrate, streptavidin has almost no net charge at neutral pH, does not contain carbohydrate, and exhibits lower non-specific background.

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