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Here we feature a selection of Psychology Conferences organised for 2018, more will follow

American Association of Suicidology Annual Conference, Washington DC, April 18-21

Website: http://www.suicidology.org/Annual-Conference/51st-Annual-Conference

Twitter Feed: #AASuicidology

The British Psychology Society, Annual Conference, Nottingham UK, May 2-4

Website: https://www1.bps.org.uk/events/conferences/annual-conference-2018

Twitter Feed: #bpsconf @BPSOfficial

Asia Pacific Conference, International Assoc for Suicide Prevention, New Zealand, May 2-5

Website: https://iasp.info/congresses/2018_iasp_nz_congress.pdf

Twitter Feed: #IASP2018

European Conference on Psychology & Behavioral Sciences, Brighton UK, July 3-4

Website: https://ecp.iafor.org

Twitter Feed: #ECP2018

Psychobiology Annual Conference, Low Wood, Windermere UK, Sept 5-7

Website: https://www.kc-jones.co.uk/psychobiology2018 

Twitter Feed: #BPSConf #Psychobio18

European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour Ghent, Belgium, Sep 5-8

Website: https://medicongress.com/conferences/17th-european-symposium-on-suicide-suicidal-behaviour/

Twitter Feed: esssb18

Australian Psychological Society Annual Congress, Sydney Sept 27-30

Website: http://www.apscongress.com.au

Twitter Feed: #abscongress

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