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Here we link you to the latest Saliva Research Advice and Advisories

As technology emerges we may discover new applications and limitations of salivary measures; but you can operate on the cutting edge with the most recent advice from our partner Salimetrics. Below you will find the Saliva Collection Handbook, which features the most relevant saliva collection and handling information, as well as a number of biomarker-specific articles.
Select your biomarkers of interest to determine which articles are most relevant to your research.

Use this LINK to view the following:


Aliquoting Tips – Splitting Samples


Saliva Collection Methods and Techniques Handbook

Handling Multiple Salivary Analytes and Order of Assay

Interpreting Differences in EIA Results

Collecting and Handling Saliva for Analysis of Novel Protein and Peptide Markers

Guidelines for Interpreting Cotinine Levels

Tips for Running Salimetrics Assays

Collecting and Handling Saliva Samples for Cytokine Analysis

Smoking Definitions for Salivary Cotinine Researchers

Collecting and Handling Saliva Samples for Analysis of Novel Salivary Biomarkers

Inter- and Intra-Assay Coefficients of Variability

Saliva Collection from Infants and Small Children

Collecting and Handling Saliva for DNA Analysis

Importance of Mouth Location During Saliva Collection

Correcting Salivary a-Amylase Activity for Flow Rate

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