BioAssay Works

StratechSite-logo-Bioassaya/BioAssay Works creates gold sols and gold-sol-based assays. For use with conjugation, hybridoma development and antibody engineering.

Dressed Gold® labeled colloidal gold sol, nanoparticles.

Naked Gold® unlabeled gold sol

Iso-Gold™ rapid mouse-monoclonal isotyping kit

Gold-in-a-Box™ an easy-to-use kit for preparing highly reactive gold conjugates

Tell-Tale Gold® gold sol impregnated ribbon

C-FLAT® lateral-flow platform

b/ Giving advantages such as a 10- to 15-fold increase in gold nanoparticle concentration over existing technology. 15 to 50 OD gold nanoparticle sols,
c/ BioAssay Works® is focused on antibody-based and antigen-based detection technologies, and on their application in lateral-flow immunoassay for both instrumented and visually-read tests. The company holds substantial trade-secret-protected intellectual property—especially in production of unique, high-sensitivity, concentrated gold sols and gold conjugates. The company holds a patent for its C-FLAT® lateral-flow test platform.

Founders include leaders in the immunoassay field and in related technologies. The company has become the assay-development partner-of-choice for many established players in the rapid-assay industry. Based on the demonstrable superiority of tests developed by BioAssay Works, the company’s scientists have earned a world-class reputation.

d/ BioAssay Works brings laboratory-based, ELISA-like sensitivity to rapid-format, lateral-flow assays, while maintaining field-use product durability and simplicity. The combination of proprietary nanoparticle technology, patented assay platform, and extensive assay-development experience enables the company to meet the objectives of its clients.

e/ BioAssay Works, LLC has been awarded a grant by Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) under its Fort Detrick Technology Transfer Initiative (FDTTI). The grant is for development of an optimized, highly sensitive, rapid, visual diagnostic test able to detect and differentiate among multiple pathogenic poxviruses, including smallpox.

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